PcTattletale Review: Best Employee & Child Monitoring Software

PcTattletale Review: Best Employee & Child Monitoring Software and get 500$ Free Bonuses

What is PcTattletale

pcTattletale is a type of software that helps you keep an eye on your employees or kids when they use the computer. It works secretly in the background on their devices, and they won’t even know it’s there. With pcTattletale, you can see everything they do online.

One unique feature of pcTattletale is that it creates videos, similar to YouTube videos, that show every action they take on the computer. You can easily watch these recordings from your phone or computer by logging into your secure pcTattletale account. This way, you can stay informed about their online activities, even if they try to keep them hidden. This will be your private spy which only works for you. This will also help you to keep an eye on your girlfriend.

Why We Need pcTattletale

Nowadays, many people enjoy working from home. However, there is a downside to this as well. The number of cases involving business theft has increased. In the office, it was easier to keep an eye on employees and prevent such incidents. But now, with the help of software called pcTattletale, you can monitor your employees and even your children. This software allows you to see what is happening on their screens from one central location. You can also keep track of when they log in and log out.

PcTattletale Review

Working from home has also brought about concerns regarding data theft. Thankfully, pcTattletale has a hidden feature that can help you catch dishonest employees. It even records evidence of their actions. If you suspect any employee or business partner of leaking important information, you can easily catch them with this software.

Is pcTattletale secure

pcTattletale is very secure because its storage is secured with the AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) and secure socket layer techniques and technologies. this spy software has been developed for more than 15 years. this software helped thousands of families, and companies, like you.

PcTattletale Review

Android  monitoring

this software also runs in the background of the Android without knowing the person who uses the phone. this will record all the activities like history chatting calling etc. you can easily watch their activities with your phone and computer.

PcTattletale Review

To whom this will useful

  1. Employers
  2. Parents


Main features of  pcTattletale review

  1. Very easy to use
  2. Record videos on youtube
  3. Secure data with AES and SSL.
  4. Data is stored in the online cloud.
  5. 100 % detectable free

Main Advantages of pcTattletale review

  1. Discover Employee Time Theft
  2. Tracking leaks in company secret data.
  3. keep an eye on the faulty employees
  4. To prevent data theft by employees.
  5. Monitor all social media, web browsing, Video games, emails, and text messages.
  6. Records Android and windows
  7. 60 days guarantee for money back.

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How To Use

  1. Sign up and make an account – Purchase software and create your account. then sign in to the website.
  2. install on their computer and phone – after signing in with a secret link to install the software in the pc or mobile you want to spy.
  3. view activity remotely this software records the videos of the activities and you can watch that videos on the pcTattletale dashboard. A cell phone tracker is also available here.

This is all about the pcTattletale review we recommend this software to monitor your employees and the chile. We have done deep research on it and after that, we will recommend pcTattletale to you for use. For more contact us and comment on us.

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Advik reviews

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