VidStream Pro Review

VidStream Pro Review – Vidstream Pro is a video hosting platform that provides users with various features and tools to manage, customize, and share their videos online. It offers a range of functionalities to cater to content creators, marketers, businesses, and individuals who want to host and distribute videos efficiently. it is a HD/4K/360 Video Hosting App With Personalized Landing Pages & Piracy Protection a lightning-fast video hosting platform that offers 99.99% buffer-free video playback through its network of 120 global servers all over the world. You can create instant video landing pages, video channels, and even courses with just some clicks.

With this app, you can do all things which have to be done for a video. The app allows you to easily record, transcribe, and add captions to your videos. This means you don’t need any other apps to complete the work. Transform any video into a personalized landing page with your own logos, menus, and legal terms, all without the need for technical skills.

Convert your video channels into membership areas with the course pack feature, enabling you to monetize your content without the burden of expensive monthly fees on platforms like Teachable, Kajabi, or Thinkific. Moreover, you can collect leads directly into your autoresponder, and even include buy buttons and calls to action within your videos. Vid Stream Pro simplifies video hosting and marketing, making it accessible to everyone.

VidStream Pro

Top Features of the Vid stream pro

Chapters: Notify viewers when the content changes in your video.

Appearance Control: Have total control over your video’s appearance, including skin color and button style.

Playlists / Channels: Easily select multiple videos to create playlists or channels.

Transcriptions: Create or edit transcriptions for subtitles and extra content to boost SEO.

Subtitles: Add subtitles to your videos for increased engagement on social platforms and sales videos.

Transcoding: Resize your videos to different resolutions (1080p, 720p, 480p, 360p) for faster loading and better mobile compatibility.

Scheduled Streaming: Schedule and stream your videos using a special iframe for live sessions and webinars.

Player Controls: Choose which player controls to display for a better and more tailored viewer experience.

Domain Control: Select the allowed domains to host your iframe, enhancing video security and preventing iframe sharing.

Responsive Embeds: The iframes come with responsive code, enabling your videos to resize based on the container.

Email Embeds: Share animated GIF clips of your videos with links for email campaigns.

Direct Video Links: Share videos with or without password protection by providing a direct link.

Direct Streaming: Stream videos directly from your Apple and Android phones to compatible devices for full-screen viewing.

Video Import: Easily import existing videos from various platforms like Dropbox, Wistia, Vimeo, Youtube, One Drive, Google Drive, and S3.

Analytics: Access detailed insights such as views, impressions, clicks, watch time, and engagement rate, among others.

VidStream Pro player:  Play any type of video on the vidStream Pro Player.

Record Screen:  Directly record the screen from the app.

Vid Stream Pro simplifies video management and enhances your video’s reach and impact with these user-friendly features. For more understanding watch the video

Additional features which are never provided and another hosting app

  1. Personalized Channels – Build your own playlist and branded channel.
  2. Instant Landing Pages – With some clicks make any video to your branding landing pages.
  3. Multi Thumbnail Tools – 1M plus images and multiple tools to make perfect thumbnails. Get instant animated thumbnails.

Works in Three Easy Steps

  1. Make video – Easily record upload and import videos.
  2. Customize – Change your video option and the skin of the video.
  3. Publish – Publish and share on any platform.

Video Protection Features

  1. Anti-Piracy ProtectionOur powerful DRM security ensures that your videos cannot be downloaded using the same technology used by Netflix and Amazon Prime.
  2. Watermarking – You can add your own logo to your videos to prevent piracy and promote your own branding.
  3. Anti-Sharing – You can easily prevent illegal sharing of your videos with a password or whitelist your domains as the only domains allowed to host your videos.
  4. Country Blocking – You can block certain countries from accessing and playing your videos, even if you don’t do business with them, ensuring that your content is only viewed by the desired audience.

Price and upgrades

This is one of the most affordable video hosting superfast software with additional features. Its Price is based on its type of plane and features.

  1. VidStream Pro Starter Plan – 67$
  2. VidStream Pro Pro plan – 87$
  3. VidStream Pro Premium plan – 37$
  4. VidStream Pro Marketing Pack – 97$
  5. VidStream Pro Course Membership Pack – 97$
  6. VidStream Pro Web Agency Reseller – 297$S

Who should buy vidStream pro

Vidstream Pro is ideal for individuals and businesses who want a reliable and feature-rich video hosting platform. It is beneficial for:

  1. Content creators: YouTubers, filmmakers, vloggers, and anyone who produces videos for online platforms.
  2. Online course creators: Those who want to create and sell courses with video content.
  3. Marketers: Businesses and marketers who use videos for promotional purposes and want advanced analytics.
  4. Website owners: Anyone who wants to embed videos on their website or blog for engaging content.
  5. E-learning platforms: Organizations that provide online learning and training materials.
  6. Brands and businesses: Companies that want to enhance their branding by customizing video players with their logos and styles.
  7. Anyone seeking video security: Individuals or companies concerned about video piracy and unauthorized downloads.

Overall, Vidstream Pro is a valuable tool for anyone looking to manage, share, and secure their videos effectively.


Why Choose VidStream Pro

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